As a woman, I suffered many years of skin irritations, precisely severe dry skin, rough dry hands, skin rashes due to eczema flares and terrible hair dandruff.  I tried many expensive, chemical-laden beauty products, but only achieved a temporary relief. It became very worrisome.    

Thankfully I met an elderly woman who recommended shea butter to me. she was very specific that it must be the " Unrefined shea butter".  She said she experienced the same skin conditions and by using it regularly, it became history. According to her, "it's a natural remedy that solves many skin problems". Truthfully, I have achieved the desired effect that I had longed for. 

Using this raw shea butter is a life saver and perfect solution for me because I have regained my confidence back. I now experience the difference and benefits. Not only did the itching, dryness, and flaking stopped, but I have been enjoying a healthy, glowing skin, clean scalp, soft hair, and no more dead skin cells again.   

 My hands now feel soft, hydrated and I am always excited to give someone a handshake without the concern that my palms are dry and rough. The palmitic and stearic acids in Shea butter tremendously protects my skin regularly from all pollutants. 


Even with the harsh winter season, I have what it takes to prevent and repair any skin problems. Shea butter as well as Cocoa butter has proven to be highly effective as usual, and this has since become my daily skin care regime which gives me absolute  happiness and peace of mind.


Radiant skin, enormous compliments, high self-esteem, and feeling good always about myself. This gave me the need to educate everyone and anyone I come across to let you all benefit from our unadulterated Shea butter and Cocoa butter.  

I have experienced it, as well as many people and I can tell you with full confidence that nothing beats nature. A trial will convince you.  

The birth of Sixbright's Shea butter and Cocoa butter was propelled by the impressive outcome that I have enjoyed from the highly beneficial products given to us by God's creation.